News Release - July 3, 2007
Late Models, Modifieds and Grand Stocks Switch To Hoosiers

Southside Speedway is pleased to announce that Hoosier Race Tires and the track have come to an agreement for the tire company to supply tires for the Late Model, Modified and Grand Stock divisions for the remainder of the 2007 race season beginning with the July 6, 2007 night of racing. All Late Models, Modifieds, and Grand Stocks will be required, from this point on, to run Hoosier tires and no Goodyear tires will be allowed in competition. U-CARS AND PRO-6 WILL CONTINUE USING GOODYEAR. Hopefully this will put an end to the tire shortage and we will have plenty of tires for sale for all of our divisions. Beginning immediately, tires will be sold at the speedway, on race days only and no tires will be sold during the week for practice. Although the exact price of the tires is not completely determined, the price of the Hoosiers will be close to the Goodyears.

Since July 6th is an extra distance race and it will be the first one run on Hoosiers, we will open the back gates early, at 11:00 am and have added an extra round of practice to the schedule beginning at 3:00 pm. The tires will be sold beginning at 11:00 am on Friday and will be limited to the following:

- Grand Stocks will be required to buy 4 tires on 7/6/07. You must race on Hoosier tires, no exceptions. These tires will be branded and marked, but you may take them back to your pits and practice on them on July 6, 2007 only. These will be your race tires and you will not be allowed to buy any more tires on July 6th. After the race, you can leave 2 to 4 tires in the tire shed, but you will be required to run them the next time you run. The July 27th triple 20’s will also be a four-tire night and will be the final four-tire night of the season. You will be required to leave 2 tires following the July 27th races and may buy up to 2 tires for each Grand Stock night for the remainder of the season. Please refer to the “Tire Rules” on the website for official tire rules.

- Late Models will be required to buy 4 tires to race on 7/6/07. These tires will be impounded and not released until after the driver’s meeting. You must race on Hoosier tires, no exceptions. Late Model’s can purchase an additional 4 tires for practice on 7/6/07 and you may take these back to your pit stalls once they are mounted. All races from this point forward will be four-tire nights, so please refer to the “Tire Rules” on the website for official tire rules.

Finally, the speedway is excited to welcome the Hoosier Tire Company to the speedway and is looking forward to a long relationship with them. A lot of hard work on both parties was able to put this deal together in a short amount of time. We would also like to thank Ronny Snoddy and Virginia Race Tires for the many years of hard work and dedication to the speedway. The decision to make a change in tire suppliers was in no way based on Virginia Race Tire’s performance and solely on Goodyear’s inability to supply them and us with tires. We wish Ronny and Virginia Race Tires nothing but the best of luck.

Big Night of Racing Scheduled for July 6, 2007 –

Southside Speedway is exited to announce a big night of racing for Friday night, July 6, 2007. The Grand Stocks will be running 100 laps for their biggest race of the year and the Late Model’s will battle for an extra distance of 150 laps. At 7:15 the southern rock band, Mozely Rose, will kick off the night and we will open up the front stretch for the fans to come down and meet and great the cars and stars. Back gate opens at 11:00 am, practice begins at 3:00 pm, the front gates will open at 6:00 pm, Mozely Rose and the Meet & Greet at 7:15 pm, and racing gets underway at 8:15 pm. Please check below for the race night schedule.

- The July 13th Street Stock race has changed from 50 laps to 75 laps.

Please check the full schedule for a complete list of upcoming races.