Saturday, July 24, 2010
by John McLeod

The slogan says it best at Southside Speedway: The Toughest Short Track in the South.

The phrase was never more apparent last night as both the action on the track as well as the excessive heat took its toll on both the race fans and the drivers.

With temperatures reaching 100 by race time and staying in the mid to upper 90’s throughout the night, fans and drivers endured the extreme conditions and were part of some great racing action.

“That was the hardest 30-laps I have ever driven in my life!” said J. D. Eversole after holding off Shawn Hopkins at the line and beating the heat to capture his first win of the season in the first of two 30-lap segments for the Grand Stocks on the night.

After starting from the pole, Eversole held off all comers including Hopkins and Tommy Tatum, who made a charge at the end, to lead all 30 circuits.

Kevin Wilson and Donnie Newman rounded out the top five.

In the second 30-lap main event for the Grand Stocks, Tommy Tatum passed Donnie Newman heading into the closing laps to take his fifth win of the season. Newman came home second with Wilson, Eversole and Hopkins rounding out the top five.

The Late Models competed in two 50-lap main events with Chris Dodson holding off Brad Davis at the line in race 1. Jeff Oakley, Shayne Lockhart and Eddie Johnson rounded out the top five.

Johnson came back to pass Lockhart in the mid stages of the second 50-lap Late Model race and took home the victory with Lockhart placing second. Dodson placed third with Brandon Hendrick and Oakley rounding out the top five.

Jason Higginbotham held off a last lap attempt at the lead from J. D. Eversole to take the checkered flag in the Champ Kart 20-lap main event. Eversole held off Buzz Moore for second with Moore, Brad Davis and Clint Gunn rounding out the top five.

Jamie Hite won his second race of the season in the UCAR 30-lap main event. Austin Dodge held off a last-lap charge David Kerns for second with Kerns placing third. Daniel Thomas and Brad Sayler finished fourth and fifth, respectively.

Late Model-Race 1: 50 laps
1. Chris Dodson, 2. Brad Davis, 3. Jeff Oakley, 4. Shayne Lockhart, 5. Eddie Johnson

Late Model Race 2: 50 laps
1. Eddie Johnson, 2. Shayne Lockhart, 3. Chris Dodson, 4. Brandon Hendrick, 5. Jeff Oakley

Grand Stock Race 1: 30 laps
1. J. D. Eversole, 2. Shawn Hopkins, 3. Tommy Tatum, 4. Kevin Wilson, 5. Donnie Newman

Grand Stock Race 2: 30 Laps
1. Tommy Tatum, 2. Donnie Newman, 3. Kevin Wilson, 4. J. D. Eversole, 5. Shawn Hopkins

CHAMP Karts-20 Laps
1. Jason Higginbotham, 2. J. D. Eversole, 3. Buzz Moore, 4. Brad Davis, 5. Clint Gunn

UCAR-30 Laps
1. Jamie Hite, 2. Austin Dodge, 3. David Kerns, 4. Daniel Thomas, 5. Brad Sayler