Morris Wins, Loses
Sunday, May 21, 2006

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Billy Morris has had a chilly season in the Late Model Sportsman division at Southside Speedway, but Friday night he had a hot car on a cold night to take the checkered flag in the 100-lap LMS feature event at the Midlothian track.

And then it all fell apart after the tech inspection.

Morris began the race in sixth place, but on Lap 5, he took the lead from Bubba Hubbard. Morris led the next 95 laps - surviving 10 cautions - in a 23-car race that basically turned into a four-car contest among Morris, Hubbard, Russ Ellis and Chris Hopkins.

"This was a great race," Morris said. "But it wasn't really all it could have been because [division points leader] Chris Dodson wasn't here tonight."

Dodson had been suspended for Friday night's competition (and was disqualified last week) when he left the track in the middle of a race and dropped part of a side panel on the race surface. He was protesting an incident he thought was another driver's fault that resulted in taking out his car.

But then the roof fell in on Morris after the technical inspection showed that his car exceeded the maximum specifications on a rocker arm in his engine. Morris was disqualified, and Hubbard was credited with the win.

"I really don't think the infraction that was discovered after the race helped Billy come in first," track co-chief steward Gary Fox said. "But rules are rules, and we try and follow them to the letter."

Chris Hott won both 25-lap Grand Stock races, leading wire to wire in each.

"We made some adjustments before the second race that helped out," Hott said. "It's been a long time since we won out here, and it's special to win two races the same night."

Pete Fones won the 20-lap MACKA race, and Henry Houck placed first in the 50-lap Street Stock event.

Southside is taking off next Friday for Memorial Day weekend but will be back in action on Friday, June 2, with a special evening of racing.

Originally, the track was scheduled for an off day, but recently it scheduled the Virginia Race Tires 250 for that night featuring a 150-lap Late Model Sportsman event with a $1,000 first-place purse and a 100-lap Grand Stock race with $300 going to the winner. The winning teams also will receive four new Goodyear racing tires.

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LATE MODEL SPORTSMAN (100 laps): 1. Bubba Hubbard; 2. Russ Ellis; 3. Chris Hopkins; 4. John Eversole; 5. Ray Ashworth; 6. George Pillsbury; 7. Sonny Allen; 8. Greg Fernandez; 9. Chris Hoylman; 10. Danny Clatterbuck; 11. Jason Pittman; 12. Chris Mueller; 13. Johnny Drudge; 14. Nathan Thomas; 15. Steve Zuskin; 16. Wayne McGee; 17. Michael Hayes; 18. Greg Holt; 19. Rob Jenkins; 20. Mike Greathouse; 21. Ed Barrel; 22. Phil Ledwon; DQ: Billy Morris.
GRAND STOCK (25 laps, No.1): 1. Chris Hott; 2. Ryan Boggs; 3. Donnie Newman; 4. Mike Ganoe; 5. Mark Jenkins; 6. Ron Hester; 7. Jamie Neely; 8. Brandon Vaught; 9. Todd Ruggles; 10. John Mosby; 11. Richard Skeens; 12. Woody Ellington; 13. Fred Key; 14. Donnie Jimerson; 15. Chris Willoughby; 16. John Wilson; 17. Bradley Vaught; 18. Jason Beck; 19. Brian Myslivy; 20. Keith Mackta; 21. Robert Lipford; 22. Tony Ingram Sr.; 23. Tony Ingram II; 24. Daniel Shelton.
GRAND STOCK (25 laps, No.2): 1. Chris Hott; 2. Ryan Boggs; 3. John Mosby; 4. Richard Skeens; 5. Ron Hester; 6. Todd Ruggles; 7. Brandon Vaught; 8. Donnie Newman; 9. Brian Myslivy; 10. Mark Jenkins; 11. Mike Ganoe; 12. Woody Ellington; 13. Daniel Shelton; 14. Chris Willoughby; 15. Robert Lipford Sr.; 16. Keith Mackta; 17. Fred Key; 18. Donnie Jimerson; 19. John Wilson; 20. Jamie Neely; 21. Tony Ingram II; 22. Bradley Vaught.
MACKA (20 laps) : 1. Pete Fiones; 2. Chris Johnson; 3. Rodney Davenport; 4. Cameron Wood; 5. Warren Smigo; 6. Alan Purser; 7. Gabe Salisbury; 8. Robert Peach; 9. Stanley Holmes; 10. Marcus Holmes; 11. Stan Holmes; 12. Bubba Henley; 13. Matt Ashworth; 14. Jimmy Grady; 15. Leroy Devoro; 16. Chad Johnson; 17. Mike Webb; 18. Stan Holmes; 19. Josh Tapscott.
STREET STOCK (50 laps): 1. Henry Houck IV; 2. Timmy Tiblis; 3. Mark Rosson; 4. Bobby Corbitt; 5. Joe Henderson; 6. Danny Ayers; 7. Melvin Brown; 8. Chris Bryant; 9. Kevin Brown; 10. Josh Ayers; 11. Larry Lamb; 12. Brad Diggs; 13. Patrick Sehenuck; 14. Ted Newton; 15. O.K. Wilson; 16. James Loving; 17. Michael Sutphin; 18. Jason Foust; 19. Phil Galluzzo; 20. Dan Crate; 21. Carl Byrd; 22. Sean Ryan; 23. Dale Gravitt; 24. B.K. Wilson; 25. Josh Roberts; 26. Alex Ayers; 27. Scott Sawyer; 28. Kyle Chittum; 29. Luke Daninson; 30. David Miles; 31. Dean Leslie; 32. Ronnie Bridges.