R. Jenkins Wins Feature
Goes from pole to victory lane in LMS; two winners DQ'd
Published Sunday, June 17, 2007

FRIDAY - JUNE 15, 2007
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Rob Jenkins won from the pole in the first of two 50-lap Late Model Sportsman races Friday night to pick up his first LMS victory at Southside Speedway before a crowd of about 2,000.

Jenkins had plenty of competition with 20 cars starting the race. On Lap 11, he looked in his rearview mirror to find last year's track champion, Chris Dodson, on his tail.

"I just quit looking at who was behind me," Jenkins said. "Keeping your eyes on your rearview mirror is the way you lose races. The car was a little tight, but we'll be making some adjustments and see what happens."

Dodson stayed hot on Jenkins' bumper and tried an inside move on Lap 39 to get by and take the lead. But Jenkins was able to hold off Dodson, negotiate some heavy lapped traffic and not give up his lead to pick up the victory. An emotional Jenkins dedicated the win to his wife and children.

Jenkins' brother Mark initially was declared the winner in the following 30-lap Grand Stock race.

"When I saw Rob take that checkered flag in the Late Model race, I got goosebumps," Mark said. "I knew right then what I had to do. So I immediately jumped in my car and set out for the win."

Unfortunately, Mark Jenkins' car failed the post-race inspection and he was disqualified because of having an altered suspension on his car. Fred Key, who originally placed second, was declared winner.

In the second Late Model Sportsman race, Steve Zuskin led 49 of 50 laps and thought he had the trophy in his pocket until a postrace inspection also disqualified him. Points leader Chris Hopkins, who finished second behind Zuskin, got the win.

Mark Claytor won the 20-lap Macka race, and Timmy Tiblis took the 50-lap Street Stock event.


Late Model Stock No.1 (50 laps): 1. Rob Jenkins; 2. Chris Dodson; 3. Chris Hopkins; 4. Billy Morris; 5. Brandon Hendrick; 6. Bubba Hubbard; 7. Steve Zuskin; 8. Roy Hendrick; 9. Chris Wood; 10. Greg Fernandez; 11. Jason Pittman; 12. Greg Holy; 13. Scott Turlington; 14. Russ Ellis; 15. Wayne McGee; 16. Chris Smith; 17. James Murphy; 18. George Pillsbury; 19. Chris Hairfield; 20. Michael Perkins

Late Model Stock No.2 (50 laps): 1. Chris Hopkins; 2. Chris Dodson; 3. Bubba Hubbard; 4. Roy Hendrick; 5. Chris Ward; 6. Russ Ellis; 7. Greg Fernandez; 8. Greg Holt; 9. Rob Jenkins; 10. Wayne McGee; 11. Brandon Hendrick; 12. Jason Pittman; 13. Scott Turlington; 14. Chris Smith; 15. James Murphy; 16. George Pillsbury; 17. Billy Morris; 18. Michael Perkins; 19. Chris Hairfield; DQ: Steve Zuskin

Grand Stock (30 laps): 1. Fred Key; 2. Bradley Vaught; 3. Jason Beck; 4. Richard Skeens; 5. Donnie Newman; 6. Daniel Shelton; 7. Gary Burke Jr. 8. Donnie Jimmerson; 9. Pop Lipford; 10. Chris Hott; 11. Brandon Vaught; 12. Bill Ammerman; 13. John Mosby; 14. John Mosby; 15. Woody Ellington; 16. Timmy Nice; 16. B.K. Wilson; 17. Phillip Clark; 18. Todd Ruggles; 19. Keith Mackta; 20. Chris Willoughby; 21. Cory Willoughby; 22. Brian Myslivy; 23. Justin Brown; 24. Mike Cole; DQ: Mark Jenkins

Macka (20 laps): 1. Mark Claytor; 2. Brad Davis; 3. Chris Johnson; 4. Darek McCauley; 5. Jason Higgenbotham; 6. Alan Purser; 7. Josh Tapscott; 8. Gabe Sailsbury; 9. Ben Hammock; 10. Stanley Holmes; 11. Stan Holmes; 12. Mike Webb; 13. Josh Settledge; 14. Alex Vasquez; 15. Ryland Craze; 16. Bubba Henry; 17. Leroy Devore; 17. Leroy Devore; 18. David Corbin; 19. David Thomas; 20. Warren Smigo; 21. Brian Orvine; 22. Matt Settledge

Street Stock (50 laps): 1. Timmy Tiblis; 2. Jeff Arnett; 3. James Loving; 4. Dean Leslie; 5. Brad Diggs; 6. Phil Galluzze; 7. Alex Ayers; 8. Joe Henderson; 9. Nicholas Hemesath; 10. Bobby Corbitt; 11. Chris Bryant; 12. Mike Harris; 13. Brian Smith; 14. Ray Lynn; 15. O.K. Wilson; 16. Eric Smith; 17. Kevin Lee; 18. Ryan Hudson; 19. Alec Cumbie; 20. Shawn Sutphin; 21. John Kantzier; 22. James Groome; 23; Corey Barger; 24. Patrick Seheneuk; 25. Henry Houck III; 26. Ronnie Hixson; 27. Michael Sutphin; 28. Eric Sawyer; 29. Travis Nicely; 30. Chris Wilson; 31. Melvin Brown; DQ: Melvin Brown; DQ: Kevin Brown; DQ: Henry Houck IV

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