Stinson Avoids Trouble In 2nd Race For Win
Published Saturday, June 21, 2008

FRIDAY - JUNE 20, 2008
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Thomas Stinson was knocked out of the first 50-lap Modified race last night at Southside Speedway, but he delivered the knockout punch in the nightcap.

Stinson twice made contact with Chris Hoylman in the first race, with Stinson sidelined after the second wreck with a broken front end. Hoylman finished sixth in that first race, though the two disagreed on the cause of each incident.

Hoylman claimed Stinson "dumped" him coming out of Turn 2, while Stinson said Hoylman got loose, drifted up the track and Stinson jumped under him before Hoylman came back down into him.

"I thought I'd been driving everybody pretty clean," Stinson said. "They were cutting me off and running me up and different stuff, but I always try to run Hoylman clean. Always."

Hoylman admits he lost control of his car on the second wreck, but Stinson said he thought it was intentional. Hoylman said that's because Stinson has a sense of entitlement with his four track titles.

"He has no patience and thinks he has to win every race out here," Hoylman said. "He's God Almighty Thomas Stinson."

In the second race, Stinson moved up to second within 10 laps and passed Hoylman for the lead on Lap 11. He went to the outside and made the pass official coming out of Turn 4.

"I went wider than I should have," Stinson said of his proactive move to avoid contact. Stinson came out ahead, holding on to his points lead over Chris Johnson. Stinson said he expects nothing less when he and Hoylman get together.

"Push comes to shove between me and him, I'll always come out the winner," Stinson said.

Chris Johnson claimed his second victory of the year in the first Modified race, avoiding the trouble that would befall several other drivers. Johnson spun out before he even got into Turn 1 on the first lap of his qualifying effort when the brake problem they thought they had fixed in practice reared its head. He recouped, took the lead inside the first 10 laps and never looked back. He avoided the contact that marred the 50-lap race and kept his car clean for the second race.

In the Grand Stocks race, Jamie Neely claimed the victory over Chris Hott for his first win of the season. He said they found a little more balance since the last race, and it was the difference in putting him into victory lane.

Frank Silva won the U-Car race one week before his wedding, and Buzz Moore won the MACKA Kart race.

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Modified No. 1 (50 laps): 1. Chris Johnson; 2. Warren Lipford; 3. Jason Eberth; 4. Ryan Boggs; 5. Edward Moore; 6. Chris Hoylman; 7. David Kendall; 8. Stacey Wilbourne; 9. Thomas Stinson; 10. Michael Johnson; 11. Scott Waters; 12. Kyle Wood; 13. Brooks Lawson.

Modified No. 2 (50 laps): 1. Thomas Stinson; 2. Chris Johnson; 3. Ryan Boggs; 4. Warren Lipford; 5. Chris Hoylman; 7. Stacey Wilbourne; 8. Edward Moore; 9. David Kendall; 10. Scott Waters; 11. Kyle Wood.

Grand Stock (30 laps): 1. Jamie Neely; 2. Chris Hott; 3. Daniel Shelton; 4. Joey Bryant; 5. Todd Ruggles; 6. Mark Simpson; 7. Brian Myslivy; 8. Michael Moore; 9. Robert Lipford; 10. Donnie Johnson; 11. Bill Nixon; 12. Donnie Newman; 13. Wayne Cole; 14. Mike Cole; 15. Fred Key; 16. Cory Willoughby.

U-Car (25 laps): 1. Frank Silva; 2. George Dickson; 3. Renno Marchetti IV; 4. Jody Young; 5. Austin Dodge; 6. Lauren Edgerton; 7. Lindsay Bryant; 8. Michael Hall; 9. Mike Shiflett; 10. Billy Enroughty; 11. Joshua Thomas; 12. Steve Thomas; 13. Butch Mixell; 14. Will Collins; 15. Ronnie Martin; 16. Daniel Thomas; 17. Corey Lawrence; 18. Mark Richards; 19. Damon Fender; 20. David Gonce.

MACKA (25 laps): 1. Buzz Moore; 2. Brad Davis; 3. Stanley Holmes; 4. Stan Holmes; 5. Leroy DeVore; 6. Chad Cramer; 7. Ryland Craze; 8. Kim Baker.