Stinson wins feature race
2-time track champ keeps streak alive as Rudy gives chase
Published Sunday, June 24, 2007

FRIDAY - JUNE 22, 2007
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Thomas Stinson won the 100-lap Modified feature at Southside Speedway Friday night, but Mike Rudy's second place gained him a moral victory and proved he's doing everything he can to beat the defending two-time track champion.

But give Stinson his due. Five races at the Midlothian track this season and he's won them all, frequently having had to run down Rudy somewhere along the way. And Rudy made a valiant effort before 2,000 racing fans on this night.

"I know there might be some people who get tired of seeing me win every night," Stinson said. "But we're happy for the fans that do come and see us race.

"I hated to see Mike [Rudy] have to go to the back, but he did a great job of getting through the pack and back to the front."

Driving his No. 8 car with a new engine - built by Stinson's race team - Rudy started in sixth place after the qualifying inversion, and even though Stinson passed him and was running in third place by Lap 17, Rudy was right on the champ's tail.

And then the race really got interesting.

Stinson, running in second place on Lap 30 behind Kyle Wood, eased by a crash between Ernie Dettbarn and Wood going into Turn 1 that put Wood into the wall. Rudy had gone to the outside and bumped into Wood in the melee, sending Rudy to the rear of the field.

Rudy set out and over the next 58 laps gained steadily on Stinson, who had taken the lead after the Wood-Dettbarn crash. On Lap 88, Rudy had passed the entire field in pursuit of Stinson, but lacked the last little push he needed to catch Stinson and finished second.

"The car was running great on the long runs," Rudy said. "The new engine ran real good. We're still working on the car's setup. Finishing second just about every race isn't bad, but we're looking for more than that.

"Thomas had committed to the bottom during that crash, and I went to the top. But one of the two cars that tangled in Turn 1 was against the wall and I had to stop quick and my car shut off. So I had to go the rear. That's the way it happens sometimes."

Mark Jenkins, who was disqualified as the winner in last week's Grand Stock race after tech inspection, went from 21st to third place in the 30-lap GS event, which was won by Donnie Newman who currently sits third in division points.

Timothy Layne won the 30-lap Pro-Six event, Cameron Patrick and Rett Causey took first in the twin Legends 20-lap races, and Brad Davis won the 20-lap Macka race.

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Modified (100 laps): 1. Thomas Stinson; 2. Mike Rudy; 3. Jason Eberth; 4.T.J. Guthrie; 5. Michael Johnson; 6. Aubrey Thurston; 7. David Wheeler; 8. Kyle Wood; 9. Ryan Boggs; 10. Chris Johnson; 11. Brooks Lawson; 12. Chris Hoylman; 13. Mike Tomlin; 14. Joey Polevoy; 15. Bob Eberth; 16. Ernie Dettbarn

Grand Stock (30 laps): 1. Donnie Newman; 2. Bill Ammerman; 3. Mark Jenkins; 4. Bradley Vaught; 5. Brian Myslivy; 6. John Mosby; 7. Chris Hott; 8. Richard Skeens; 9. Pop Lipford; 10. Brandon Vaught; 11. Fred Key; 12. Timmy Nice; 13. Daniel Shelton; 14. Bo Tuck; 15. Robert Wood; 16. Phillip Clark; 17. Mike Cole; 18. B.K. Wilson; 19. Emily Happel; 20. Jason Beck; 21. Ron Hester; 22. Tony Ingram Sr.; 23. Todd Ruggles; 24. Matthew Ashworth; 25. Donnie Jimmerson

PRO-SIX (30 laps): 1. Timothy Layne; 2. Wesley Harris; 3. Warren Smigo; 4. D.J. Watson; 5. Casey Sipe; 6. J.B. Sipe; 7. Brandon Galderise; 8. Matt Settlage

Legends #1 (20 laps): 1. Cameron Patrick; 2. Brad Arthur; 3. Kevin Yeatts; 4. Brad Hancock; 5. Rett Causey; 6. Sparky West; 7. Trevor Alspach; 8. Hunter Slayton; 9. Robert French; 10. Jamie Laine; 11. Paul Degracia; 12. Zak Alspach

Legends #2 (20 laps): 1. Rett Causey; 2. Kevin Yeatts; 3. Cameron Patrick; 4. Brad Arthur; 5. Brad Hancock; 6. Trevor Alspach; 7. Jamie Laine; 8. Robert French; 9. Hunter Slayton; 10. Sparky West; 11. Paul Degracia

MACKA (20 laps): 1. Brad Davis; 2. Alan Purser; 3. Gabe Salisbury; 4. Jason Higgenbotham; 5. Josh Tapscott; 7. Stan Holmes; 8. Darek McCauley; 9. Josh Settlage; 10. Matt Settlage; 11. LeRoy Devore; 12. Michael Webb; 13. Ben Hammock; 14. Ryland Craze; 15. Stanley Holmes; 16. Mark Claytor; 17. Alex Vasquez

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