Rudy, Stinson Claim Victories
Each rolls to win in the Modified twin 50-lap feature races
Published Saturday, July 14, 2007

FRIDAY - JULY 13, 2007
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The devil was in the details, especially on Friday the 13th at Southside Speedway. A bad combination for some, while others found benefits.

In the first of two 50-lap Modified feature races before 2,500 spectators at the Midlothian track last night, it looked like the devil was going to win . . . period. Two caution flags on the first lap got everyone's attention.

The winner of five consecutive Modified races this season -- Thomas Stinson -- had started in his usual seventh position as is the case with the previous race's winner. Mike Rudy -- Stinson's main challenger this year and second on the points list -- was right behind him in eighth.

But the first lap altered practically the entire field of 18 cars when Brooks Lawson spun Jason Eberth between Turns 1 and 2, and they collected Kyle Wood and Mike Tomlin. After the restart and before another lap could be completed, Buddy Emory spun out on Turn 4 bringing out another caution.

In the Emory spinout, Stinson bumped into Rudy's car and damaged his right rear quarter panel to the point that he had to pit and fix the damage. This put Stinson well back in the field in the 15th position for the restart.

By Lap 7, Rudy was in third behind Allen Marshall and Rusty Wood, who was driving Stinson's backup car. Wood then clipped Marshall coming out of Turn 2 and Rudy got past them to take the lead. The restart had Rudy in front, Chris Hoylman second and T. J. Guthrie in third.

Guthrie edged past Hoylman for second on Lap 12, but Rudy had about a 10-car lead. As Rudy started negotiating lapped traffic on Lap 20 he had a quarter-track lead, but then came the kicker. By Lap 28, Stinson had worked his way through the pack and was in third, hot on Rudy's tail.

Stinson was in second by Lap 41 and it looked like it was going to be the same old story for Rudy, but Rudy passed some lapped traffic, kept it between himself and Stinson and took the checkers for his first win of the year.

"We might not have had the best car tonight," Rudy said. "But we had some luck. Keeping that lapped traffic in between me and Thomas helped a lot. I wasn't surprised that he [Stinson] came from well back in the field and almost caught me, because I did the same thing to him two weeks ago."

Stinson looked like a man on a mission in the second Modified 50. Starting in sixth place he was in third by Lap 3, second by Lap 6 and passed teammate Wood -- who was running first -- on Lap 18 en route to his sixth victory in seven starts this year.

Modified #1 (50 laps): 1. Mike Rudy; 2. Thomas Stinson; 3. T.J. Guthrie; 4. Chris Hoylman; 5. Aubrey Thurston; 6. Jason Eberth; 7. Rusty Wood; 8. Ryan Boggs; 9. Chris Johnson; 10. Buddy Emory; 11. David Wheeler; 12. Allen Marshall; 13. Ernie Dettbarn; 14. Joey Polevoy; 15. Brooks Lawson; 16. Michael Johnson; 17. Mike Tomlin; 18. Kyle Wood

Modified #2 (50 laps): 1. Thomas Stinson; 2. Rusty Wood; 3. Jason Eberth; 4. Mike Rudy; 5. Chris Johnson; 6. Brooks Lawson; 7. Ryan Boggs; 8. Ernie Dettbarn; 9. Chris Hoylman; 10. Allen Marshall; 11. David Wheeler; 12. Michael Johnson; 13. Joey Polevoy; 14. Aubrey Thurston; 15. Buddy Emory; 16. Mike Tomlin; 17. T.J. Guthrie

Grand Stock (30 laps): 1. Keith Mackta; 2. Richard Skeens; 3. Donnie Newman; 4. Tony Ingram Sr.; 5. Mark Jenkins; 6. Brian Myslivy; 7. John Mosby; 8. Bradley Vaught; 9. Chris Hott; 10. B.K. Wilson; 11. Donnie Jimerson; 12. Pop Lipford; 13. Brandon Vaught; 14. Fred Key; 15. Woody Ellington; 16. Emilly Happel; 17. Phillip Clark; 18. Jason Beck; 19. Matthew Ashworth; 20. Daniel Shelton; 21. Richard Lipford; 22. Cory Willoughby; DQ: Timmy Nice

Pro-Six #1 (20 laps): 1. Matt Settlage; 2. D.J. Watson; 3. J.B. Sipe; 4. Wesley Harris; 5. Casey Sipe; 6. Timothy Lane; 7. Warren Smigo; 8. Josh Settlage; DQ: Wayne Clark

Pro-Six #2 (20 laps): 1. Casey Sipe; 2. D.J. Watson; 3. Warren Smigo; 4. J.B. Sipe; 5. Matt Settlage; 6. Timothy Lane; 7. Josh Settlage; 8. Wesley Harris; DQ: Wayne Clark

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