Big Night For Newman At Southside Speedway
Published Saturday, July 26, 2008

FRIDAY - JULY 25, 2008
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It was a big night at Southside Speedway for Donnie Newman Friday, as he claimed victory in two of the three Grand Stock races and finished second to Joey Bryant in the other.

Thomas Stinson won the 100-lap Modified feature event.Michael Chapman won the U-Cars race. Brad Hancock won the Legends event.

Newman's victory in the second race was his most dramatic -- close all the way to the checkered flag.

Running second with five laps to go, Newman made his move on front-runner Chris Hott, tapping Hott's bumper and pulling alongside. The two ran side-by-side for the final laps, with Newman ultimately edging Hott by less than a car length.

"I was thinking that this was for the win, so I gave him a little push," Newman said. "Chris is a good friend of mine and always races clean. Hopefully he’ll get over it and we’ll go racing again."

Newman's victory in the third race came after the two front runners collided with four laps to go, giving Newman the lead.

"It’s unfortunate," Newman said. "But I think we had enough car to make a run at them anyway."

In the first of the three Grand Stock races, Bryant held off Newman from a lap-two caution the rest of the way to take the checkered flag. Coming in third was Shawn Hopkins.

In the night’s main event, Stinson notched his seventh Modified victory of the season, further cementing his season points lead.

Stinson had a comfortable lead in the closing stages of the 100-lap race and needed the big margin to hold off Lin O'Neil. Stinson's brakes gave out as he neared the finish, slowing him in the turns of the 1/3-mile track.

"One more restart and I’m not sure I would’ve had it," he said. "I was trying to get as much of a margin as I could before those final laps."

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Modifieds (100 laps): 1. Thomas Stinson; 2. Lin O’Neil; 3. Kyle Wood; 4. Chris Johnson; 5. Jason Palmore; 6. Chris Hoylman; 7. Ryan Boggs; 8. Jason Eberth; 9. Brooks Lawson; 10. Michael Johnson; 11. David Kendall; 12. Hunter Slayton; 13. Jim Grady, Jr.; 14. Warren Lipford; 15. Stacey Wilbourne.

Grand Stock No. 1 (20 laps): 1. Joey Bryant; 2. Donnie Newman; 3. Shawn Hopkins; 4. Brian Myslivy; 5. Chris Hott; 6. Brandon Vaught; 7. Daniel Shelton; 8. Justin Brown; 9. Todd Ruggles; 10. Richard Sheens; 11. Mark Simpson; 12. Mike Cole; 13. Jason Beck; 14. Jamie Neely; 15. Bill Nixon; 16. Jeff Happel; 17. Corey Willoughby; 18. Woody Ellington; 19. Donnie Johnson.

Grand Stock No. 2 (20 laps): 1. Donnie Newman; 2. Chris Hott; 3. Brian Myslivy; 4. Daniel Shelton; 5. Mark Simpson; 6. Todd Ruggles; 7. Justin Brown; 8. Bill Nikon; 9. Shawn Hopkins; 10. Jason Beck; 11. Joey Bryant; 12. Mike Cole; 13. Donnie Johnson; 14. Corey Willoughby; 15. Brandon Vaught; 16. Richard Skeens; 17. Jeff Happel; 18. Woody Ellington.

Grand Stock No. 3 (20 laps): 1. Donnie Newman; 2. Daniel Shelton; 3. Justin Brown; 4. Chris Hott; 5. Joey Bryant; 6. Bill Nixon; 7. Todd Ruggles; 8. Jason Beck; 9. Brian Myslivy; 10. Shawn Hopkins; 11. Mark Simpson; 12. Mike Cole; 13. Corey Willoughby; 14. Woody Ellington.

U-Car (25 laps): 1. Michael Chapman; 2. Michael Hall; 3. Lindsay Bryant; 4. Lauren Edgerton; 5. Renno Marchetti IV; 6. Daniel Thomas; 7. Jody Young; 8. Frank Silva; 9. Ervin Dickerson; 10. Joshua Thomas; 11. Butch Mixell; 12. Steve Thomas; 13. Tony Mills; 14. Michael Harper; 15. Damon Fender; 16. Billy Enroughty; 17. Charlie Simons; 18. George Dickson; 19.David Kern; 20. Mike Shiflett; 21. David Gonce; 22. Tabitha Lipford.

Legends (25 laps): 1. Brad Hancock; 2. Jimmy Hansen; 3. Lee Johnson; 4. Casey Wyatt; 5. Rette Causey; 6. Cameron Patrick; 7. Joe Hendricks; 8. Jamie Laine; 9. Steve Hancock; 10. Michael Edwards; 11. Charles Hudson; 12. Scotty Edwards; 13. Kevin Yeatts.