Rudy, Stinson cruise in Modified features
Saturday, July 29, 2006

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Mike Rudy and Thomas Stinson shared the limelight at Southside Speedway last night, each dominating one of the twin 50-lap Modified features at the Midlothian race track.

Rudy was actually leading the first race when his car quit on him on the backstretch of Lap 13 and Stinson took the lead, never to give it up.

"Something happened to my carburetor in that first race," Rudy said. "If it had held up I might have won that one, too. The car was running real good until that happened.

"I started getting a little loose the last 15 laps or so in this race, but I was pretty sure I had a good enough lead on the field to make it."

Rudy had a full straightaway lead on the field by Lap 40, even after maneuvering through several lapped cars.

Modified Division points leader Stinson had few problems in the first race, which was run for double points.

"It wasn't me winning these last few races," Stinson said after his win. "It was this car. We dialed it in and stayed on top of things.

He wasn't disappointed with the double points feature of the race.

After a redraw, Stinson was relegated to seventh place for the start of the second race and finished fourth in a race that wasn't nearly as smooth as the first. More laps, and Stinson might have placed higher. But Mike Rudy was not to be pushed in the second race. His car ran stronger than it has all year.

Kevin Wilson prevailed in the 30-lap U-CAR race and Pete Fones won the MACKA 20-lap race. The 50-lap Street Stock event did not finish in time to make the Times-Dispatch late edition.

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MODIFIED #1 (50 laps, double points): 1. Thomas Stinson; 2. Chris Dodson; 3. Lin O'Neil; 4. A.J. Winstead; 5. Irvin Bell; 6. Chris Hoylman; 7. Kyle Wood; 8. Michael Johnson; 9. Warren Lipford Jr.; 10. Aubrey Thurston; 11. Page Harrison; 12. Russ Ellis; 13. Jason Eberth; 14. Mike Rudy

MODIFIED #2 (50 laps): 1. Mike Rudy; 2. A.J. Winstead; 3. Irvin Bell; 4. Thomas Stinson; 5. Lin O'Neil; 6. Chris Dodson; 7. Kyle Wood; 8. Michael Johnson; 9. Russ Ellis; 10. Warren Lipford Jr. 11. Page Harrison; 12. Aubrey Thurston; 13. Chris Hoylman; 14. Jason Eberth; 15. Francis Jarrelle

U-CAR (30 laps): 1. Kevin Wilson; 2. Lee Bradbury; 3. Cody Deckert; 4. Mike Shiflett; 5. Dwayne Bryant; 6. Justin Brown; 7. Scott Wyrick; 8. Ashten Bradbury; 9. David Blankenship; 10. Billy Enroughty; 11. Donnie Johnson; 12. Cory willoughby; 13. Robert Hinchey; 14. Mark Richards; 15. Damon Fender; 16. David Bryant; 17. Jody Young; 18. Chris Farmer; 19. Randy Patterson

MACKA (20 laps): 1. Pete Fones; 2. Josh Tapscott; 3. Chris Johnson; 4. Stan Holmes; 5. Jimmy Grady; 6. Matt Ashworth; 7. Darek McCauley; 8. Ryland Craze; 9. Stanley Holmes; 10. Gabe Salisbury; 11. Jimmy Greene; 12. Lee Roy DeVore; 13. Corey Roberts; 14. Warren Smigo; 15. Chad Cramer; 16. Mike Webb; 17. Linwood Harris; 18. Neil John Culley; 19. Alan Purser; 20. Lee Johnson; 21. Cameron Wood; 22. David Reid