Failing To Measure Up
Hopkins' car fails height regulations; Dodson increases lead
Published Sunday, August 5, 2007

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Three times was the charm twice, at least to one driver at Southside Speedway last night before 1,800 fans.

By the luck of the redraw after the first two races in a Late Model Sportsman trifecta of 30-lap features, season-long points leader Chris Hopkins started the final race on the inside pole and Chris Dodson -- thanks to his victory in the first race and two poor finishes by Hopkins -- was on the outside. For Dodson, this would end up turning out very well.

At the start of the third race, Dodson was the points leader. And, barring any spectacular mishaps, would still be at the top of the division when the race ended.

Hopkins, driving his backup Chevrolet because his primary car -- a Dodge -- got bashed up in the first race, looked like a man on a mission. He moved out to a huge lead halfway through the race and never was chal lenged. Dodson finished second to maintain the points lead, but Hopkins flew like a madman to the checkers.

But it was all for naught as the postrace technical inspection showed his backup car didn't measure up to height standards and he was disqualified for the second and third races.

And Dodson kept adding to his points lead after the third event as he finished second behind Hopkins and was declared the winner because of the Hopkins DQ.

"Got to keep putting the pressure on," Dodson said after the first race. "I knew I was second in the points, but it's tough in these short races. Fortunately, I got some room and was able to hold on. The track was slick tonight, but we held on."

Ray Ashworth took the second LMS race, grabbing his first win in three years.

"I needed this," Ashworth said. "We've been so close so many times, so this win really feels good. The car was really running good, and I just tried my best to stay out of traffic and get the win."

Jason Higginbothan won the 20-lap Macka race. The 15-lap U-Car race was won by Michael Moore and the 50-lap Street Stock race was taken by Timmy Tiblis.


Late Model Sportsman #1 (30 laps): 1. Chris Dodson; 2. Brandon Hendrick; 3. John Eversole; 4. Roy Hendrick; 5. Ray Ashworth; 6. Steve Zuskin; 7. Greg Fernandez; 8. Scott Turlington; 9. Rob Jenkins; 10. Wayne McGee; 11. Mark Jenkins; 12. Chris Hopkins; 13. James Murphy; 14. Russ Ellis; 15. Lin O'Neil; 16. Shayne Lockhart; DQ: Worth Redd

Late Model Sportsman #2 (30 laps): 1. Ray Ashworth; 2. Greg Fernandez; 3. John Eversole; 4. Brandon Hendrick; 5. Steve Zuskin; 6. Chris Dodson; 7. Rob Jenkins; 8. Wayne McGee; 9. Scott Turlington; 10. Russ Ellis; 11. Mark Jenkins; 12. Roy Hendrick; 13. Lin O'Neil; 14. James Murphy; DQ: Chris Hopkins

Late Model Sportsman #3 (30 laps): 1. Chris Dodson; 2. Steve Zuskin; 3. Brandon Hendrick; 4. John Eversole; 5. Ray Ashworth; 6. Roy Hendrick; 7. Russ Ellis; 8. Greg Fernandez; 9. Scott Turlington; 10. Lin O'Neil; 11. Wayne McGee; 12. Mark Jenkins; 13. Rob Jenkins; 14. James Murphy; DQ: Chris Hopkins

Macka (20 laps): 1. Jason Higginbothan; 2. Josh Tapscott; 3. Mark Claytor; 4. Chris Johnson; 5. Pete Fones; 6. Josh Settlage; 7. Darek McCauley; 8. Leroy Devore; 9. Alex Vasquez; 10. Stan Holmes; 11. Stanley Holmes; 12. Mitch Bartholomew; 13. Brad Davis; 14. Ryland Craze; 15. Ben Hammock; 16. Craig Bartholomew; 17. Brian Orvine; 18. David Thomas; 19. Alan Purser

U-Car (15 laps): 1. Michael Moore; 2. Lindsay Bryant; 3. Josh Bruce; 4. Jody Young; 5. Joshua Thomas; 6. Damon Fender; 7. Derek Schnars; 8. Billy Enroughty; 9. Chris Farmer; 10. Jonathan Chandler; 11. Scott Rainey; 12. Stuart Willis; 13. Joey Abbott; 14. Corey Lawrence; 15. Mark Richards; 16. Lauren Edgerton; 17. Robbie Hinchey; 18. Joseph Henderson; 19. Donnie Johnson; 20. Steve Thomas; 21. Dustin Carino; 22. Wayne Cole; 23. Michael Chapman; 24. Shawn Ward; DQ: Mike Shiflett

Street Stock (75 laps): 1. Timmy Tiblis; 2. James Loving; 3. Kevin Brown; 4. Joe Henderson; 5. James Groome; 6. Jeff Arnett; 7. Kevin Lee; 8. Phil Galluzzo; 9. Wayne Groome; 10. Michael Sutphin; 11. John Foster; 12. Bobby Corbitt; 13. Nicholas Hemesath; 14. Ryan Hudson; 15. Ray Lynn; 16. Henry Houck IV; 17. John Kentzler; 18. Patrick Seheneuk; 19. Sean Cook; 20. Chris Bryant; 21. Mike Harris; 22. Brian Smith; 23. O.K. Wilson; 24. John Ryland; 25. Chris Jones; 26. Herbert LaRue; 27. Brad Diggs; 28. Alec Cumbie; 29. Ronnie Hisxon; 30. Alex Ayers