It's a Chris to the finish at this track
What's in a name? At racetrack, it helps to have this one
Published Friday, August 10, 2007

FRIDAY - AUGUST 10, 2007
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Better watch out - if you yell "hey, Chris," at Southside Speedway, you're likely to start a stampede.

Ranked 1-2 in the Late Model Sportsman division are Chris Hopkins and Chris Dodson, respectively.

Also among the top 19 are Chris Ward, Chris Mueller, Chris Smith and Chris Hairfield.

In the Modified class, Chris Hoylman and Chris Johnson are ranked fourth and sixth, respectively.

Chris Hott is ranked No. 2 in the Grand Stock division, and Chris Willoughby is 28th.

The Street Stock division is rich in Chrises, too - Chris Bryant, Chris Jones and Chris Wilson are ranked 8-35-36, respectively.

Chris Farmer comes in 11th in the U-Car class.

Among Speedway officials there are director of racing Chris Stefi and public address announcers Chris Phelps and Chris Phillips.

It stands to reason that Chris would be a popular name among the short-track drivers, who average 20 to 30 years in age.

According to the Social Security Administration, Chris (or rather the more formal Christopher) was the third most popular name among U.S. males born in 1976. Only Michael and Jason were more popular. In 1986, Chris was second, only to Michael, among boys.

Beyond the 2030s, fans may see Chrises dwindle at the Genito Road oval. Losing momentum, Chris was only the seventh most common name of 2006 births.

But for now at Southside, keeping up with the Chrises is no easy matter.