Stinson takes checkered flag in Modified 100
Published Saturday, August 19, 2006

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The 100-lap Modified feature at Southside Speedway last night had almost as many story lines as it had caution flags. What started as a relatively clean race never really got dirty, but nine yellow flags told a dif- ferent tale.

Points leader Thomas Stinson earned the pole in qualifying heats, but when given the opportunity to do a chip redraw or a straight inversion, Stinson took the inversion and turned around the top 10 qualifiers, relegating him to the 10th starting position. As it turned out, he had to know something no one else did.

The last Modified race winner, Mike Rudy, began in eighth place and did a masterful job of making his way to the front. Working the high line, as is his practice, Rudy was in sixth place by Lap 5 and fifth by Lap 8. Just as he was angling his way around for the fourth running spot, a two-car incident in front of him actually put him in third.

And two places behind Rudy in fifth was Stinson. The crowd realized what was happening because the fans have seen it so many times. It was eventually going to be a two-car race . . . and by Lap 19, that's what it was. Rudy in first with Stinson on his tail.

Stinson took the low line and passed Rudy for first on Lap 40, but a caution caused by debris on the track put Rudy back on top since the lap hadn't been completed. By Lap 50, it was still a Rudy-Stinson race.

On Lap 72, Stinson took a low line around Rudy to grab the lead. Even though Rudy made a valiant try, staying on Stinson's bumper the rest of the race, Stinson took the checkered flag and solidified his points lead.

"Mike's a good friend of mine," Stinson said. "And I wasn't interested in doing any damage to either of our cars. It was a good, clean race.

"He did a heck of a good job when I was trying to catch him. He would try to guide me to the corner and then cut down so I couldn't get by him. He's improving more and more every day."

Lin O'Neil made a great run to finish fourth after starting last because he had mechanical problems and couldn't run qualifying laps. Bret Hamilton - who is the Modified points leader on Virginia Motor Speedway's dirt track in Saluda as well as Stinson's teammate - placed third.

Kevin Wilson won both of the twin 25-lap U-CAR races, and Josh Tapscott took the 20-lap MACKA race. The 50-lap Street Stock event was won by Dan Crate.

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Modified (100 laps): 1. Thomas Stinson; 2. Mike Rudy; 3. Bret Hamilton; 4. Lin O'Neil; 5. Michael Johnson; 6. T.J. Guthrie; 7. Kyle Wood; 8. Robert Conner; 9. Jason Eberth; 10. A.J. Winstead; 11. Rusty Woods; 12. Russ Ellis; 13. Irvin Bell; 14. Aubrey Thurston; 15. Warren Lipford Jr.; 16. Chris Hoylman

U-CAR (first race, 25 laps): 1. Kevin Wilson; 2. Travis Deckert; 3. Robert Hinchey; 3. Dwayne Bryant; 5. Mike Shiflett; 6. Michael Moore; 7. Donnie Johnson; 8. Ashten Bradbury; 9. Justin Brown; 10. Josh Bruce; 11. Billy Enroughty; 12. Mark Richards; 13. James Murphy; 14. Jody Young; 15. David Blankenship; 16. Greg Harris; 17. Cory Willoughby; 18. Randy Patterson; 19. Bobby Hall; 20. Damon Fender; 21. Lee Bradbury

U-CAR (second race, 25 laps): 1. Kevin Wilson; 2. Dwayne Bryant; 3. Travis Deckert; 4. Justin Brown; 5. Mike Shiflett; 6. Donnie Johnson; 7. Robert Hinchey; 8. David Blankenship; 9. Ashton Bradbury; 10. Cory Willoughby; 11. Damon Fender; 12. James Murphy; 13. Greg Harris; 14. Josh Bruce; 15. Randy Patterson; 16. Bobby Hall; 17. Jody Young; 18. Billy Enroughty; 19. Michael Moore; 20. Lee Bradbury

Street Stock (50 laps): 1. Dan Crate; 2. Timmy Tiblis; 3. Henry Houck IV; 4. Ted Newton; 5. Joe Henderson; 6. Danny Ayers; 7. James Groome; 8. John Kantzler; 9. Melvin Brown; 10. Josh Ayers; 11. Phil Galluzzo; 12. James Loving; 13. Mark Rosson; 14. Larry Lamb; 15. Brad Diggs; 16. O.K. Wilson; 17. B.K. Wilson; 18. Jeff Arnett; 19. Michael Sutphin; 20. Ray Lynn; 21. Kyle Chittum; 22. Wayne Groome; 23. Chris Bryant; 24. Sean Ryan; 25. Thomas Arrington; 26. Richard Newton; 27. Patrick Sehenuk; 28. Kevin Brown; 29. Alex Ayers; 30. Mike Hawk; 31. Nicholas Hemesath; 32. Chris Wilson; 33. Wesley Givens; 34. Luke Danison; 35. Carl Byrd

MACKA (20 laps): 1. Josh Tapscott; 2. Stan Holmes; 3. Darek McCauley; 4. Robert Peach; 5. Tim Hammock; 6. Alan Purser; 7. Pete Fones; 8. Stanley Holmes; 9. Jim Grady; 10. Gabe Salisbury; 11. Rodney Davenport; 12. Cameron Wood; 13. Ryland Graze; 14. David Reid; 15. Jimmy Greene; 16. Matt Ashworth; 17. Warren Smigo; 18. Mike Webb; 19. Bubba Henley; 20. LeRoy Devore