Stinson Clinches Modified Title
Published Saturday, September 23, 2006

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Defending Modified Division champion Thomas Stinson celebrated his sixth win of the season in the first of two Modified 50-lap races at Southside Speedway last night, collecting double points and extending his lead going into next week's final race week at the Midlothian one-third mile oval.

And for him it was doubly satis- fying as he dedicated the win to his month-old daughter, Harlee Renee.

"This win was for my new baby girl," Stinson said. "I've always wanted a girl, and it's so sweet to win this for her."

Stinson qualified for the pole in time trials, but with a redraw for the top eight cars, he pulled a 3. So it was Tiger Williams on the pole, Mike Rudy -- third in the division points standings -- starting second, Stinson third and Russ Ellis fourth.

Rudy made his statement by passing Williams for first place on Lap 2, and Stinson got past Williams on Lap 10 to slip into second position. Rudy hit lapped traffic on Lap 14, and by Lap 23, Stinson was on Rudy's bumper.

The only three cautions of the race came on laps 25 and 26. After the third restart, Stinson went low and passed Rudy on Lap 29.

Rudy didn't give up, staying on Stinson's bumper to the end of the race and managing a second-place finish.

"The track was a little slick tonight," Stinson said. "And I think Mike's car got a bit tight on him. It was a close race."

The lead lap cars were inverted for the second race, putting Tiger Williams on the pole again. Stinson drew the No.6 spot.

Stinson was in third by Lap 6, chasing Williams and Russ Ellis, and Stinson pulled into second place on Lap 18. From there despite five cautions and several wrecks -- it was Williams and Stinson all the way to the finish line.

With the points Stinson accumulated in the second race, he is guaranteed the track Modified Division title for the second consecutive year.

Coincidentally, Williams who throughout the year has been plagued with mechanical problems in his own car -- got a call from Stinson on Thursday to inquire if he was interested in driving Stinson's backup car. And that's what he won with last night.

"It feels good," Williams said. "I met my wife at Southside Speedway 20 years ago, and I've been driving here for 24 years. I was surprised when Thomas called me yesterday and asked me if I wanted to drive his backup car. I like racing, and I love winning."

Kevin Wilson won the 30-lap U-CAR race, Brad Arthur took the 25-lap Legends event and Darek McCauley won the MACKA race. Larry Lamb took first place in the 50-lap Street Stock event.

Kevin Yeatts was presented the trophy for the Legends Division championship, and Dwayne Bryant received the U-CAR Division championship trophy.

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MODIFIED NO.1 (50 laps, double points): 1. Thomas Stinson; 2. Mike Rudy; 3. A.J. Winstead; 4. Lin O'Neil; 5. Aubrey Thurston; 6. Russ Ellis; 7. Chris Hoylman; 8. Tiger Williams; 9. Warren Lipford Jr.; 10. Ryan Wilbourne; 11. Edward Moore; 12. Kyle Wood; 13. Michael Johnson; 14. Rusty Wood.

MODIFIED NO.1 (50 laps): 1. Tiger Williams; 2. Thomas Stinson; 3. Russ Ellis; 4. Lin O'Neil; 5. Mike Rudy; 6. Kyle Wood; 7. Aubrey Thurston; 8. Warren Lipford Sr.; 9. A.J. Winstead; 10. Edward Moore; 11. Michael Johnson; 12. Ryan Wilbourne; 13. Chris Hoylman

U-CAR (30 laps): 1. Kevin Wilson; 2. William Clements; 3. Lee Bradbury; 4. Dwayne Bryant; 5. Donnie Johnson; 6. Billy Enroughty; 7. Robert Hinchey; 8. Cory Willoughby; 9. Mike Shiflett; 10. Mark Richards; 11. Scott Wyrick; 12. Bobby Hall; 13. James Murphy; 14. Jonathan Chandler; 15. Ashten Bradbury; 16. Travis Deckert; 17. Justin Brown; 18. Darren Fender; 19. Josh Bruce; 20. Dickie Sanderson; 21. David Blankenship; 22. Randy Patterson; 23. Chris Farmer

LEGENDS (25 laps): 1. Brad Arthur; 2. Patrick Molesworth; 3. Cameron Patrick; 4. Kevin Yeatts; 5. Brad Hancock; 6. Mike Solaimani; 7. Derek Miller; 8. Scotty Edwards; 9. Tyler Long; 10. Robert French; 11. Bo Triplett; 12. Danny Williams; 13. Tony Epps; 14. Dax Triplett; 15. Scott Henderson

MACKA (20 laps): 1. Darek McCauley; 2. Josh Tapscott; 3. Neil John Culley; 4. Allen Purser; 5. Lee Johnson; 6. Gabe Salisbury; 7. Stanley Holmes; 8. Chris Johnson; 9. Robert Peach; 10. Stan Holmes; 11. Cameron Wood; 12. Brad Davis; 13. Mike Matthews; 14. Warren Smigo; 15. Ryland Craze; 16. Lee Roy Devore; 17. Tim Hammock; 18. Jimmy Greene; 19. David Reid; 20. Matt Ashworth; 21. Mike O'Conner; 22. Jimmy Grady; 23. Mark Claytor

STREET STOCK (50 laps): 1. Larry Lamb; 2. Henry Houck IV; 3. James Loving; 4. Melvin Brown; 5. Kelvin Brown; 6. Joe Henderson; 7. Timmy Tiblis; 8. Danny Ayers; 9. Mark Rosson; 10. James Groome; 11. Michael Sutphin; 12. B.K. Wilson; 13. David Miles; 14. Phil Galluzzo; 15. Joshua Ayers; 16. Patrick Sehenuk; 17. Kyle Chittum; 18. Brad Diggs; 19. O.K. Wilson; 20. Thomas Arrington; 21. Jeff Arnett; 22. Ted Newton; 23. Dan Crate; 24. Sonny Letterlough; 25. Sean Ryan; 26. Eric Sawyer; 27. Chris Bryant; 28. Nicholas Hemesath; 29. John Kantzler; 30. Mike Harris; 31. Kevin Lee; 32. Shawn Cook; 33. Richard Newton